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Day walks are scheduled most weekends. These range in difficulty and length from easy to hard grading. They are led by experienced volunteer leaders who are assisted by at least two scouts. Locations are selected to provide a variety of terrain, points of interest and geographical spread. Walks are graded as follows:

Easy (E) Gently undulating terrain walking on formed tracks. Distance up to 14 km.
Medium (M) Walk may be off track and include steady climbs and descents. Distance 15 to 18 km.
Hard (H) Sustained walking, moderate to hard climbs and descents including off track.

Intermediate grades EM and MH are used for Easy-Medium and Medium-Hard walks. The descriptions of the walk activities provide more information about the length of the walk and the terrain. Qualifying walks of at least 12 km are identified by the label QW.

Day walks are generally within 2 hrs drive of Melbourne. If the walks are not accessible by public transport (PT), carpooling options exist.

Newcomers’ Walks are scheduled in February, May, August and November each year to provide an opportunity for prospective members to enjoy a day in the bush with other women considering joining the club, to meet some members, ask questions and generally see what bushwalking is about and how the club operates. It is not compulsory to attend a Newcomers’ walk.

Express Walks are held on the third Wednesday of the month from February until November. They are brisk morning walks of around 10-12 km which are accessible by public transport. Participants have the option of having lunch together at the end of the walk.

Wednesday Wanders are run monthly between March and November for those less active members who still want to enjoy walking and to socialise with others. These walks are generally around 5 – 6 km and are accessible by public transport.

Base Camps and Accommodation Trips are arranged so that members can go away for periods of a weekend or longer, staying in one location and exploring it extensively by day walking.

Interstate and Overseas Tours with an emphasis on walking are planned every year. These longer trips are sometimes run by Tour Operators.

Back Packing trips are very popular. These are of varying difficulty and duration. A beginners’ pack is held each year to give members the opportunity to try out backpacking and support is offered so members get the most out of the experience.

Bike Rides are scheduled each year - usually day rides or weekends away.

Canoeing trips are periodically scheduled.

Social Activities include lunches, walks around Melbourne, visits to cultural centres and Zoom meetings with presentations from members or invited guests. Annual events include a club picnic, the Annual General Meeting and Christmas lunch.

Training is a very important part of our program. The club has a strong commitment to teaching bush-craft skills to members and developing new leaders. Map-reading, navigation, safety and basic first aid are taught both in the classroom and on practical training days outdoors. New members are encouraged to participate in these activities. Members are also given the opportunity to practise their skills on day walks and back pack trips under the walk leader's guidance.