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The MWWC has four values that have been core to creating the spirit of the club for over 100 years. We work as a community of women to implement these values which enables the MWWC to function well as a voluntary organisation.


Safety is critical in our Club. Our walks are well organised and scouted prior to the club walk, to provide a safe walking environment. The leader knows the route, potential hazards and sets a safe pace. We walk behind the leader and in front of the whip and are mindful of shared paths. Each walker comes prepared and takes responsibility for their safety and well-being and follows the leader’s instructions.

Care for the environment

We enjoy being out in the bush and we follow the bushwalkers code to keep to the tracks, walk softly and leave no trace. We embrace opportunities to learn about the local fauna, flora and history and regenerate areas of bushland. We carpool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


We welcome women of all ages and from all walks of life. We value older members and provide social activities for all members to assist in maintaining involvement and connection. Our walking program organised by volunteer leaders, offers a balance of geographical locations and walking grades from easy to hard, from day walks, intrepid pack walks to accommodation trips, to cater for metropolitan and rural members and walkers of different fitness levels and experience. We have outstanding access to nature and the bush at low-cost.

Providing friendship, support and contributing to a sense of community

We promote our Club community to be experienced as considerate, helpful, and friendly. We are punctual and honour our commitment to attend a walk unless unwell. We support our new walkers and thank our volunteer leaders. We offer to contribute and help our Club in line with our capacity and skills, such as scouting or leading walks, being a driver, serving on committees. We provide opportunities for members to learn and grow their skills in first aid, navigation and leadership so can take on these roles within a team environment at our Club.